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Join A Local Garden Club

While the basics of gardening are essentially the same, the climate in which you grow your produce greatly effects the outcome. Thus certain varieties grow better in different areas of the country. The best way to find out which varieties grow best in your area is to have discussions with fellow gardeners in your area. Therefore joining a local garden club can truly be to your benefit. You can talk shop with local like minded individuals. Learn about how others deal with water shortages, or how they improved their soil. Each area of the country has their own unique problems, and thus solutions.

If you are an expert or a beginner it doesn't matter, as you will find other individuals with similar skills. And since gardening is a hobby for pleasure the experts will be happy to share their knowledge with you. If you are a shy person, and don't want to go to the first meeting alone you could bring a friend or a spouse. But after the first meeting you will have a new set of friends and people to share your hobby with.

Gardening clubs may meet weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. It really depends upon the interest and size of the group attending. Some clubs are free and others have a small fee to join, as members dues may be used to pay for refreshments and other perks. Sometimes gardening clubs run plant sales where the profits go to the clubs, thus eliminating the small fees that would normally be required. Benefits of the gardening club might include reduced price admissions to local arboretums, conservatories and botanical gardens. Additionally they might include discounts to local gardening courses.

As there are new gardening products coming out every year instead of buying all of them talk to others in the gardening club that may have bought them. They can give you their experience with the latest gadgets that the large companies are promoting. Additionally you can compare notes on new gardening books and DVD's.

So go out today and find a gardening club. Generally they are advertised in local newspapers. Sometimes as mentioned above they hold plant sales, thus you could see by whom the sale is being run, and contact the president. There are some gardening clubs run online, but in general they lack the benefit of talking locally about what grows best and how.

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