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Potting Benches - 3 Steps for Placing a Potting Bench in Your Yard

For someone that loves to garden it is great feeling to go outside to pot up some new seedlings for adding things to their garden. What makes this process easier is having a potting bench. The main part of a potting bench is the worktable portion of the bench as it also has lower shelves which can hold gardening supplies such as potting soil, pots, and other gardening tools; it is not difficult to add a potting bench in an area outside of you home. There are three easy steps you can follow in order to find out how to place a potting bench in your yard.

1. Take a walk around your whole yard and try to come up with some locations where you would like to put the potting bench. Some of the better places where you can place the bench are near a hose, next to a fence or wall, or near a shed if you have one. It really is all up to you but again make sure before placing the bench that it is accessible to water. Generally potting benches do not look very good smack dab in the middle of the yard which is why they are usually placed standing against something. You also have to take in to account the amount of sun and shade the area where you want to put the bench will be getting. You will be working at the bench so be sure it is in an area you do not mind be for long periods of time.

2. You have to make a decision if you want to buy a potting bench that has already been built or make one yourself from the many kits that are available. One of the advantages of one that is already built is that you do not have to worry about constructing it as you can just pick it up and place it in your yard. But on the flip side it can be large and cumbersome and moving it may not be easy. If you do decide to use a kit to build a potting bench, make sure the materials you use will blend in with your yard. For example if have a wood fence it may be a good idea to look for the same wood or the same color materials when buying the bench kit. There are many places where you can purchase a kit to put together a potting bench such as nurseries, hardware stores, and over the Internet.

3. Make your potting bench more useful by various additions. You can add things to your potting bench such as a sink, faucet, storage bins, racks for tools, and shelves for tools and pots. If you have enough space you can also place a garden cart, extra potting soil and trash barrels. The more useful your potting bench is the less you will be running around trying to get things such as tools, soil, and other gardening equipment.

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