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The Best Lawn Fertilizer Brands

When you go to a garden center to get fertilizer for your lawn, the first thing you will notice is that there are many different lawn fertilizer brands. How do you know which one is the best to use? One thing that you have to consider is the cost of each brand and the features involved in using each one. The people who work at this center should be able to advise you of the best one to choose based on where you live, your specific needs and the size of your lawn. It also depends on the type of grass you have.

Centipedegrass does not need as much fertilizer as other kinds to keep it looking green and lush all summer long. Bermudagrass needs a little bit more. All lawns need the nutrients that they get from fertilizer, but it is possible to give the grass too much fertilizer and burn it up. You also have to look at whether the fertilizer is in liquid form or if it is granular.

The experts recommend that no matter what brand you use, you should apply about a pound of actual nitrogen to Bermudagrass once a month during the growing season. This is the amount of fertilizer that you spread on the grass or spray over it in one application. A bag of fertilizer contains 30% chemical nutrients and the other 70% is just filler. Look at the first three numbers on the bag when you want to find out how much actual nitrogen it contains.

Finding the right lawn fertilizer also depends on how much time you have to spend on this activity. If you have plenty of time and like to work on your lawn, then there are brands that you must apply once a month. For those that don't have that much time, then you will be able to find fertilizer that you only apply once every two or three months.

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Source: www.isnare.com