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What to Look for When Buying Topsoil

When buying topsoil, one should consider the pH range of the plants in the landscape to be grown; certain acid loving plants don't grow well when the soil pH is greater than 6.0. Generally, topsoils with a pH value of less than 4.5 or greater than 7.0 should be avoided. Topsoils with pH values near 5.0 can be altered, if a higher soil pH is needed, with the addition of lime; to lower a soilís pH, if it is higher than needed, is more difficult and expensive.

The soilís organic matter content can be determined by a soil-testing laboratory. In sandy loam soils, the organic matter content ranges from 1.25% to 3.0%. For silt loam or loam soils it ranges from 2.5% to 5.0%. If the soilís organic matter content is low, it can be enhanced with composted organic matter. In a mixed soil, an organic matter content of up to 10% is suitable.

A soil-testing laboratory can also determine the soilís salinity. This is evaluated by measuring the electrical conductivity of the soil. A good topsoil should have less than 0.5 mmhos/cm.

The soilís texture can be estimated by feel, if one has trained hands, or it can be determined by submitting a sample to a soil-testing laboratory for mechanical analysis. The movement of water through the profile of the topsoil can be restricted when topsoils of 2 very different textures are layered one over the other. In general, when adding topsoil of a different texture to an existing soil, mix the two for best results.

If the soil is to be used for vegetable gardening, the topsoil should also be tested for lead.

Before purchasing topsoil, one should inspect the soil, where it is stockpiled. It should be free of large stones and foreign materials, such as broken glass, paint chips, and / or pieces of plastic. Its gravel content should be of less than 10%.

A minimum of a four-inch layer of new topsoil should be applied over the existing soil. The top-levels of the existing soil should be loosened before the application of the new topsoil.

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Source: www.isnare.com