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Caring For an Aloe Vera Plant - No Green Fingers Required

Aloe Vera is a wonderful plant which can easily be grown in any home. One of the reasons that Aloe Vera is easy to care for is that the growers produce hybrids of two or more species. The benefit of this is that the hybrid inherits the ability to be grown in a variety of conditions, making it a hardier plant. If you want your Aloe Vera plant to stay healthy then it is a good idea to reproduce the conditions they normally have in nature. This means you need to fool it into thinking that it is growing on a slope by placing differently sized pebbles and stones at the bottom of the plant pot. This also aids with drainage which is very important.

Light and Temperature

Aloes are native to Africa and the Mediterranean, both of which are warm and sunny. If you live in a part of the world which is a lot colder then you will need to keep your Aloe Vera indoors where it will receive the sun. When the summer comes and it is warmer, placing your Aloe Vera outside is a good idea. If your Aloe Vera receives plenty of light then you can hope for some yellow/orange flowers.


Aloe Veras like a good watering but be left to dry out before being watered again. Because this is a succulent, lots of water is held within the leaves so minimal watering is required during winter.

Soil and Feeding

Use a well drained potting mix with sand, grit and pumice or alternatively buy some "cacti mix" potting soil. In the spring use a weak solution of fertilizer.

Aloe Veras not only look nice in the home but also have many health benefits and can be used in the treatment of insect stings, burns and helps with digestion problems. If you have shied away from caring for plants in fear of killing them, then buying an Aloe Vera is a great option as they are so easy to care for.

George Kerr loves caring for plants and writes articles on growing plants such as Spider plants and Boston Ferns.

Source: www.a1articles.com