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Earth Day - Natural Organic Fertilizer Part of the Solution

Earth day is celebrated by more people around the world every year on april 22th. Social awareness that pollution and waste of natural resources by man is now turning against ourselves. Earth day is a reminder that important actions have to be taken towards limiting waste of nature’s limited resources such as pure water, pure air, vegetation and wildlife among others. One important step in the right direction is accomplished by using natural organic fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers have been highly used in the past and evidence of their toxic effects on the environment and mankind are now proven. After all, when rain washes out the fertilizers, they are returned to earth can absorbed by human beings. Many studies in the agricultural industry are currently undergoing to find all natural fertilizers. Natural Science has finally come up with an all natural organic fertilizer for all u garden-makers and organic farmers.

Earth will greatly benefit from such natural organic fertilizer made from recycled leather taken from animal hides. These “ingredients” of the natural organic fertilizer then undergo a process of sterilization and are transformed into another form for easy application. This natural organic fertilizer remains a great choice by its slow-releasing, non-harmful, water insoluble natural fertilizer.

Another natural way of giving back to earth its essential nutrients is by not picking up grass cuts after mowing the lawn. These small pieces of grass will then naturally return to earth within 24 to 48 hours providing the soil back with these precious nutrients.

Natural organic fertilizer raises the organic matter content levels of the soil and aid in its conditioning. Nitrogen and other nutrients in soil are quickly drained because of the looseness of the soil granules but by using organic fertilizer that is no longer a problem to worry about.

A lot of farmers are concerned of using phosphorous-rich fertilizers, especially if their land is located on properties near lakes and streams. Phosphorous has been known to leak into these vital water sources and to cause increased aquatic weed growth, resulting in ugly algae blooms. Many natural fertilizers contain no phosphorous. Natural organic fertilizer is a great way to fertilize the soil for people living near water streams.

By choosing carefully what is used on people’s lawns, we will be able to better control how earth is treated. Everyone will benefit from a more aware use of fertilizing products. By carefully reading the labels and choosing natural organic fertilizers, man will be able to limit the damages made to the important balance of earth’s resources. Reading the appropriate books and magazines focused on environmental issues and participating in forums and websites dedicated to earth’s well-being, everyone will benefit. By taking care of mother nature our grandchildren will be able to celebrate earth’s day in 100 years.

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Source: www.isnare.com