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Discovering Pacific Rim Furniture

There are trends in everything – from fashion to music. Furniture has not escaped this concept and one of the fads of today is Pacific Rim furniture.

The Pacific Rim is a widely diverse area that covers almost every continent. The term is most often used to describe all the nations that border the Pacific Ocean. The countries range from Canada and the USA over to China, Japan, and the Philippines, then down to India and Nepal, and back over to Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru – just to name of few.

After World War II, this region became an important economic region. As more of the countries develop highly industrialized economies, the importance of the Pacific Rim to the world economy will continue to grow.

In 1989, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) was formed to provide a forum for the discussion on economic issues concerning the region. To date, over twenty-one nations, including the United States and Canada, have joined.

The Pacific Rim furniture is as diverse as the nations that are represented. It includes the more ornate oriental furniture. Fung Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placing furniture, has become a popular design technique. With its popularity, there has been an increased interest in the oriental style of Pacific Rim furniture.

The label of Pacific Rim gives many consumers a particular feel about what they are buying. Partly because of this, furniture designers from anywhere in the region have dubbed their furniture Pacific Rim. Even the former model, Kathy Ireland, has a line of Pacific Rim furniture available today.

The United States version of Pacific Rim furniture tends to be more about solid build than about ornate beauty. The uniqueness of these pieces is often found in the wood, the simplicity of design, and the solid construction.

The next time you see the label “Pacific Rim Furniture,” remember that the region is vast, the counties represented are extremely diverse, and the furniture that each turns out is unique in design. You will have to dig a little deeper to determine just what part of the Pacific Rim is being represented in the furniture you are looking to buy.

Kathryn Lang is a freelance writer specializing in organic products for house and home, such as Pacific Rim furniture She also contributes for the lifestyle section of Living Web

Source: www.isnare.com