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Organic Gardening For The Homeowner - Do You Have An Empty Container?

Yes! Excellent, all you need now is the desire to eat and live a more healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family. Organic gardening can easily be done using containers. Those of you who have limited space where you live, especially in the big cities and want to eat non chemically produced foods will find this article enlightening.

Tools Required:

- Old containers, new containers, any container.
- Potting mix as you do not want to use soil from the ground which may be too heavy and not drain well.
- Organic fertilizer, you can purchase at any agro shop
- Hammer and nail for making holes in the container for drainage
- Seeds for the vegetables and herbs you want to plant.
- A trowel to turn the soil for planting the seeds.

Some of the herbs which grow well in containers are celery, chives, parsley, shadow benny, podina and chillies or hot peppers. Vegetables include sweet peppers, squash, melongene or eggplant, carrot, radish, onions and even okra.


- First determine where you will place the containers, somewhere they can receive 4 to 8 hours of sunlight.
- whether they will be flat on the ground or on a height. Height is better for drainage but not necessary. If flat on the ground you can always make holes to the side of the container and cover with wire mesh.
- Mix the potting mix and some organic fertilizer into the container. Do follow instructions for amounts of fertilizer to use as too much could kill your plants.
- Plant the seeds or seedlings.
- Water the soil gently about 1 or 2 inches.
- Do this everyday and watch your herbs and vegetables grow nicely.

It's important to water regularly as planting in a container requires more watering than on the ground as the soil tends to dry more quickly.

I hope you are convinced to go the organic way, it is most definitely the better way to eat and live. I have been doing it for 8 years now and everyone in my family are much more healthy as a result. For more articles on organic gardening for the homeowner do visit my website.

Hope you enjoy a healthy life.
Sarah Harrigan.

Source: www.a1articles.com