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Some Facts Regarding Geranium Essential Oil

The geranium is a very interesting plant and can be grown just about anywhere in the world. However, the geranium plant (pelargonium adoranitissimum) originated in Africa and did not get introduce into Europe until about 1690. However there are only certain species which can be used to produce Geranium Essential Oil such as “lemon plant” or “Geranium Robert” which have a lemony scent to them.

The essential oil from geraniums is distilled from the leaves, stalks and flowers of the plant and is usually a light yellow green colour and has a bitter taste.

Although essential oil from a geranium is a particular good refreshing and stimulating oil it also has great sedative properties also. This is especially good for treating nervous tension and depression. But in no way should Geranium Essential Oil be confused with those oils which have “sleeping”properties. In fact Geranium Essential Oil has stimulating properties and should not be used late at night.

When looking back in history you will find many ancient cultures who believed that Geranium Oil was great in helping to eliminate certain types of cancer as well as mending bones which had been broken. But today it is more well known as being an affective aid in such problems as pre-menstrual tension, excessive fluid retention, menopausal problems, uterine and breast cancers and those conditions which involve fluctuating hormone levels. It is especially effective in helping to treat endometriosis. The sedative properties of the oil allow a person to become relaxed and thus deal with any pain or discomfort that they may be feeling caused by this debilitating disease.

As well as having stimulating and sedative properties, Geranium Essential Oil is also an antiseptic, because of it being a flowering oil. Geranium oil can be included in to a mouthwash or as a gargle for those people suffering from sore or infected throats. However, although geranium essential has a nice flowery scent the taste is bitter and for this reason many people avoid using it.

Another good use for geranium essential oil is for those who have skin disorders such as excessively dry skin (eczema) or oily skin. There have been a number of positive results reported in regard to the use with geranium oil for such problems. Not only does it help to balance the skin but it also helps to sedate any inflamed tissue that has been caused either by shingles or burns.

One thing about geranium oil is that is blends well with most other essential oils and you could always mix it with others to produce a massage oil or to inhale it (a drop placed on a tissue or pillow is sufficient) to release the refreshing qualities of it. However, remember that geranium essential oil should only be used when diluted in a base oil, gel or lotion and not on its own.

Lee Dobbins writes for http://essentialoils.health-g8way.com where you can learn more about essential oils and their uses as well as more about geranium essential oil.

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