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Bagged Spinach: Restoring Consumer Confidence In The Safety of Fresh Spinach

Restoring consumer confidence in the safety of spinach is a challenge that spinach growers will face as bagged spinach is given the green light of the Food and Drug Administration and other governing authorities to return to grocery store shelves.

What will happen on those first days and weeks when fresh bagged spinach is made available once again to the American diet? Will a sense of fear stop consumers from adding this nutritional powerhouse to grocery carts?

Let's hope not! The spinach growers industry can certainly help prevent this from happening.

Education is a powerful solution to restoring consumer confidence in spinach.

By now it appears that the code has been cracked as to why and how this terrible and deadly outbreak occured. In addition to knowing the whys and hows of what made the spinach leaves lethal, this industry surely knows the code of safety as well.

The spinach growers industry needs to be the driving force of a spinach marketing campaign that will educate and encourage consumers to put spinach back in their diet.

A marketing campaign based on education and some tasty out of the bag ideas can go a long way in restoring consumer confidence in the safety of bagged spinach.

Good things can emerge from tragedies. While these tragedies may appear devastating to the spinach growers industry, there also exists a divine opportunity for education and the growing of an industry in safer and more prolific ways.

Kathi Dameron is a food and entertaining writer and the former owner of a Tallahassee, Florida catering business that has created hundreds of delicious original recipes using fresh bagged spinach.

Kathi Dameron is the owner of Kathi Dameron and Associates. Visit her online at http://www.kathidameron.com

Source: www.articlealley.com