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Employment Screening Statistics

Employment screening is vital for a company of any size. As manager, business owner, or human resources head, you should know that the company's success does not only depend on the clients but also on the achievements of the employees in every position. That is why it is highly important to hire only qualified employees that are the fit for the vacant positions. And to better come up with pre-employment screening strategies, employers should be informed about employment screening statistics.

Why use employment screening statistics?

Employment screening statistics reveals vital information that the company can use when formulating new strategic plans and pre-employment screening methods. During meetings or seminars, these are discussed so that the company knows exactly what areas to focus on when doing background checks. Other companies may take this vital information for granted but there are some that really rely on these for more efficient employment screening process.

According to statistics, nearly 36% of job applications are falsified. This information alone should encourage companies to conduct background checks and rely on other employment screening services to verify the authenticity of the applications submitted to them. Without statistics, companies will not be able to determine how serious issues are with regards to job hiring procedures. They will just rely on their existing pre-screening employment process and may experience hiring mistakes.

Where to find essential statistics information?

So, because of the importance of statistics, it is necessary for companies to search for essential statistics information. Nowadays, this information can be easily accessed through the Internet. Just search through the different search engines and check the websites that provide this important bit of information. And when you find the information that you need, you can simply jot down the information that the statistics revealed or have the page book marked or printed for reference purposes.

Employment screening statistics is really as important as the screening process itself. So, if your company does not have information on this yet, you better start searching online for more convenience.

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